The Technical setup package

If you are serious about moving your business to the next level, then you don’t want your social media campaign to look like everyone else’s. I will create a unified voice, look and feel across all your social media profiles. In this package I offer:

1- Setting up a professional looking Facebook page with all the customizations that you business needs (custom header, custom tabs…etc). ($127)

2- Setting up a twitter profile with a custom background that matches all of your other profiles including your blog. ($49)

3- Setting up a Youtube profile so you could communicate with your audience via videos. This also includes a custom channel background. ($49)

4- Setting up a professional LinkedIn account in order for you to make business connections. ($49)

Special discount

If you order 2 of the above profiles, you’ll get them for $83 (15% discount).

If you order 3 of the 4 profiles, you’ll get them for $117 (20% discount).

If you order all the above packages, you’ll get them for $147 (25% discount).

Setting up a professional Facebook Fan Page ($127)

I offer very professional and interactive Facebook pages that include:

1- Custom header and tabs that speak your business voice.

2- Email opt-in forms in a custom landing tab.

3- RSS graber which updates your Facebook page as soon as you post anything on your blog.

4- Linking all the other social networking profiles with your Facebook page… and many many other useful features.

Setting up a professional blog ($147)

If you really want to stand out from the competition and make your social media efforts more effective, you need to create a professional looking blog where you can share product information, your various market subjects, tutorials…etc.

This package includes:

1- Setting up and configuration of a WordPress blog.

2- Installing a very professional looking and customizable theme including your business logo (if you don’t already have one).

3- Install and configure up to 20 useful plugins that will increase your blog’s functionality (SEO, social media, database backup, spam fighting…etc).

4- Linking your blog to all your social media profiles so you make it easy for your customers to comment, share, follow and like your content.


These packages are customizable. You can choose whatever you feel necessary to your business.

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