The Only 5 Strategies To Getting Lots Of Facebook Fans (Don’t Let Anybody Fool You)

Get Facebook FansIs your business struggling to build a targeted fanbase on Facebook?

Many businesses are, and I’m talking about businesses that can really benefit from the large user base Facebook has.

Although you shouldn’t really care about the number of fans as much as their quality, the more quality fans you’ll have on your page, the bigger your conversion will get and the more sales your business will make.

What Makes Quality Fans?

Many people define quality fans differently, but I believe there are 3 major characteristics for quality Facebook fans

1- They Don’t Like A Gazillion Of Pages

The more there are pages competing for spotlight for a particular fan, the harder it’ll be to get your business noticed. Also, people who like too many pages will be distracted and they will be unlikely to take the action you recommend. Although Facebook has already figured this out by ranking who should appear in a particular fan’s newsfeed and who shouldn’t, there is still too much noise, especially for people who like and interact with too many pages.

2- They Are Interested In What You’re Saying

The biggest concept that Facebook is built upon is INTEREST!

There is no point of having a fan who is not interested in what you’re saying or offering. Although Facebook offers some customization when it comes to targeting, you can’t really segment your fans like you do with your email subscribers, and that’s why you need to be careful about the fans your Facebook page attracts.

3- They Are Active

The best fans are active fans!

You don’t want someone who only likes to consume information without interacting. You don’t also want a fan who checks his or her Facebook profile once a month. The best fans are the ones who are active on Facebook, liking content, interacting with it, sharing it, commenting on it…etc. This kind of fans are your true asset on Facebook, the more of these people you have among your fanbase, the more reach and engagement you’re going to get.

Because Facebook is making it harder for business owners to get into their fans’ newsfeeds, you need to make sure you don’t get involved into some shady practices of acquiring fake fans. Facebook is already saying that if you want to reach more of your fans, you need to pay, and you don’t won’t to pay for fake fans or fans who have no interest in what you’re saying!

The Only Effective 5 Strategies To Getting Lots Of Facebook Fans

There are dozens of fan acquisition strategies that I can recommend to you, but most of them don’t work in all industries or don’t bring the targeted numbers your business needs. These 5 strategies are proven to get quality fans, but only if implemented correctly.

1- Advertising

This is by far the easiest and quickest strategy to getting targeted fans. If you’re just starting out with Facebook marketing or you don’t have a considerable following there yet, you need to get the ball rolling by advertising first. However, you need to be careful not to attract casual fans who might not have an interest in your product or service!

You know why Facebook is probably the most powerful advertising platform ever? It’s because of their powerful targeting. Interest targeting is a killer on Facebook and if you combine it with a targeted ad (not an ad of a hot girl that says like me), the quality of your fans will be near flawless.

I know that most small-business owners freak out when they hear the word “advertising”, but I can tell you that Facebook advertising isn’t as expensive as you might want to think. You can literally start with any budget you have and still get good results. In a matter of fact, if you’re doing it yourself, I advise you to start low and increase as you go so you don’t throw your money away. You might hear that there are businesses that grew organically, but why you take a 2 years path, while you know that a month path will get you to the same place?

2- Leveraging What You Already Have

Most people don’t even bother cross promoting their web assets because they think if they have a follower on Twitter for example, why on earth would they want them to be a fan as well?

There are 2 reasons for building the same following on multiple platforms:

• They get exposed to your messages repeatedly

You probably heard more than once that social traffic isn’t like search engine traffic. Social traffic needs exposure to your messages repeatedly before they decide to take action. However, the key here is to not bore them to death with the same message across all the platforms. Use the advantages and distinct nature of every social platform to your advantage so you keep them engaged and ready to take action.

• You never know!

You might think that your business Facebook page is yours and nobody can take it away from you, but that unfortunately isn’t true. You own nothing but your website and email list (and this is relative if your website gets hacked!). Technical problems can arise and the last thing you want to happen is to lose your following. It’s true that you get to keep people’s perception of you, but that will require some time before you build your following if anything bad happens (like Twitter deleting your profile!).

Cross promotion doesn’t only mean that you promote your website or email list on your social profiles and promote the latter on your website. It also means that you promote your Facebook page and Google+ page on your twitter profile or promote your YouTube channel on your Facebook page…etc.

The key to make this cross promotion work for you is to provide a different type of content in each channel. There are some people in the industry that I read their newsletter, read their tweets, Facebook statuses and watch their YouTube videos. Each platform has its own type of content that works best with it. That might seem like lots of work to you, but not if you’re repurposing the same content but in different types or perspectives!

3- Create Magnificent Content

I know that many people don’t want to hear this, but great content is the foundation of any modern business. Content has been and will remain the driving force behind brand loyalty and trust!

The great thing about content (blog content specifically) is that it’ll continue to work for you. Great content will not just get you new fans everyday without you having to lift a finger, it’ll bring you more followers, pluses, shares, repetitive search engine traffic and email subscribers every single day without your interference! You want to reconsider now?

4- Get Featured

Getting featured in a big blog or online magazine will bring lots of attention your way. One of the easiest ways to getting featured is to do a guest post.

In order to make this guest post work for you in terms of getting lots of fans, you need to take care of these things:

1- Make sure your guest post is actionable

There are lots of people who do guest posts, but don’t get the results they wanted from them. I believe that the key to a successful guest post is writing a case study, preferably about you and your business (write about something that has really worked for you).

When writing your guest post, you need to always ask yourself “what makes this blog’s reader follow the link in my bio to my website or fan page?”. If they’re dying to learn more about the technique you’ve mentioned, then there you have a great guest post.

2- Link to your Facebook page

The next obvious thing if you want to get more fans is to link to your Facebook page in your bio or in your guest post’s body if the blog owner allows it. Linking isn’t actually enough as you need to give them a call to action that explains why they should check your Facebook page and like it (like: if you want to get more updates like this one, make sure you like my Facebook page).

3- Special Trick!

One trick that I like to use sometimes is to direct them to a Facebook app where I have an email optin page there. At the top of the landing page, I include a call to action like “Click LIKE if you want to stay in touch OR click LIKE to join the conversation…etc”. The great thing I found is that most people who optin to get a free report or video end up liking my page too!

Another trick you can use is to do a reveal tab. This will blur the content of the landing page until the visitor clicks the “LIKE” button. When they do, the content will show up and you can either give them a direct link to the free gift or let them optin to receive it (test and see which one performs better).

5- Contests

Contests can do miracles for your fan page, but only if implemented correctly (you don’t want to end up with hundreds of freebee seekers that don’t care about your business). The key to the success of any contest is the message and the gift itself. I believe that you probably heard this elsewhere, but if you want to raise awareness for your business, never give an iPad as a gift. Instead, give something relevant to your business like Zillow did when they jumped from 22.000 to 100.000 likes in 8 days. You need to make the gift exclusive so people know that they won’t get it elsewhere. Check out this case study by

Also, check out this beginner’s guide to running a social media contest on

These were the most effective strategies to building a targeted fanbase on Facebook. Have you seen success with a particular strategy?

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