Success vs value: which one to choose from?

“Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value”. Albert Einstein

The first time I read this quote, something really took my attention as I was trying to figure out what really makes leaders the way they are. While leadership is definitely not something that is encoded in your DNA (although there are some people who come genetically prepared to it), I believe in the fact that leadership is something that you can acquire with time through constantly providing value and caring for people. The thing is that many so called “GURUS” try to plant the ideas that you can be very successful without providing any value especially in today’s environment. Many people would argue with me as well on the fact that there are many super successful people who don’t care about their following. However, i’m pretty confident that we could spend all the day exchanging ideas, but we will never find a successful person who didn’t provide value to become one. Let me explain:

As I told you before, the first time I read this quote, I thought that there is a huge gap between a man who seeks success and another one who’re willing to give value. What I thought at that time is if you want to go after success, then you’ll never become a man of value (which is awesome for most people as long as they are successful). However, what I’ve come to realize after understanding what Albert Einstein was trying to explain, is that if you try to go after success, you’ll eventually fail, you know why? It’s basically because success has too many variables which our minds can’t process at once. However, there is one constant that this great Physicist along with all the great people out there agree on. This constant that will give you a ticket to success is with no doubt “providing value”.

When I started with the whole blogging thing, I didn’t know anything about marketing. I started a blogger blog about a topic which I’m passionate about “Bioinformatics” (the use of computer software to analyze biological data) and kept filling it with information I thought it would help people. I did video tutorials although I didn’t know anything about video marketing (If you see my videos back then, you’ll keep laughing at me for an entire day). In a matter of fact, I didn’t also know anything about how to get traffic, how to make use of it or how to even know that you’re getting any in the first place. My only indicator that people where reading my blog and seeing my videos are the comments left on both the blog and my Youtube channel. Now that I know a little bit about internet marketing, I can assure you that this same blog (with no marketing, no SEO, no nothing) is getting more traffic than most of my other blogs that are optimized for search engines as well as for social media. IRONICAL!!!

What I’ve realized after this experience is that you need to give in order to get, simple physics, action and reaction. If you’re not ready to provide value without expecting anything in return, then you’re not ready to be successful yet. So let’s follow the steps of a great man and start becoming men and women of value from today on.

Hi, I’m Houssem. I created for one single reason, which is helping small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs make more money from social media. Interested? Let’s talk!

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