Strategic VS Tactical Social Media Marketing

Strategic vs tactical social media marketingIs social media marketing not working for your small-business?

If it’s not, then there must be something wrong in the way your business is marketed through social networks; right?

Social media marketing is proven to work for both small and large businesses. Many say that social media works only for large companies because they have the resources to implement a large scale strategy, but when it comes to small businesses with very limited resources, its power diminishes and becomes almost obsolete.

One of the reasons that are preventing small businesses to benefit from social media is that they concentrate on the tactical side of social media more than the strategic side. What does strategic OR tactical mean, you ask?

Strategic Social Media Marketing

According to Simon Sinek in his famous TED talk, great leaders always start with the “WHY” and then work their way into the “HOW” and “WHAT”. I believe this model perfectly fits what we’re talking about here!

Strategic social media marketing is all about the “WHY”. It’s not about which tools you should use or how you’re going to use them, it’s about the purpose-oriented picture that you should form before going into details.

I believe this is exactly why many small businesses are struggling with social media marketing. They know “WHAT” to use and “HOW” to use it, but they don’t know “WHY” are they using it which ultimately leads to accomplishing business goals.

They go on and create an account on every social network they stumble on, they start using them all, updating them with content, using “TRICKS” and “TACTICS” to increase their fans and followers…, but at the end, they all realize that their business goals aren’t met; you know why?

It’s because your tactical approach should be built according to your strategic social media marketing. If you don’t have a strategy, you have nothing, and all the tactics in the world won’t save your business.

Tactical Social Media Marketing

On the other hand, tactical social media marketing is all about the “Ins” and “Outs” and the “Nuts” and “Bolts” side of things. If strategic social media marketing is all about fulfilling your business’s destination, the tactical side is all about what you’re going to use to get there (the vehicle) and how you’re going to use it effectively to reach your goals (the driver).

Tactical social media marketing is all about which social networks you should use, what tools will best work for your business, how to use those tools to build a targeted following, how to increase your conversions by improving your calls to action, what lead magnet you should use to get more subscribers…etc.

Which One Is More Important?

I believe there are 2 kinds of social media marketers. Strategic and tactical!

Strategic social media marketers (social media strategists) might not know how to use a particular social media marketing tool, but they sure know how to meet business goals.

On the other hand, tactical social media marketers might not know whether a particular action can contribute to your business’s bottom line, but they sure know every option on Facebook’s power editor. They know how to integrate social functionality into your website. They know how to design Facebook tabs. They know what tools are the best to get the job done, and how to use them in the most effective way.

So to answer the previous question, no one is more important than the other. They’re both important parts of the same puzzle. Strategists spend most of their time learning how successful businesses operate, while tactical social media marketers spend their entire days learning about the tools and tactics that are quite overwhelming in today’s web.

Your business can’t survive without any of them. Strategy without tactics is useless while tactics without strategy are blind!

Have you ever heard of a company that managed to succeed with a strategy on paper? I guess not. Social media strategists go hand in hand with social media managers, and you need them both if you want your business goals to be met.

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that you should never start with tactics first. You need a concrete strategy specifically designed for your business before you can go and dig into the tactical stuff. Tactics are only effective when you implement them while strategy is in mind. Keep that in mind :)

That being said, why do you think that many small business owners are complaining that social media marketing isn’t working for them? Do you think is a matter of not having a clear strategy that has business goals in mind, or is it that they just don’t have the tactical talent to achieve those goals?

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