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Social media profit growthDo you want to take your business to the next level?

Since you’re already here, I know you do. If there is anything I can assure you, it’s that you’re exactly in the right place!

See, the social media marketing industry is full of hype and fairy tales about unicorns and rainbows. Most small-business owners fall into what I call the “Vanity Trap” which is chasing irrelevant non-important numbers or metrics. I care about the same things your business needs, which is the bottom-line.

You know what separates companies like Starbucks, Dell and Zappos from the others?

They were the first companies that took a leap of faith and adopt social media marketing, and that’s why you hear about them in almost every great social media marketing related case study!

I offer a variety of services that are suitable for almost every business and are guaranteed to bring results. Here are the services I offer:

1- Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Do you want to start on the right foot with social media?

Just to let you know, the reason why many business owners fail to make social media work for their businesses is that they don’t have a solid and detailed strategy that they can follow. Social media marketing isn’t about getting a Facebook page and a twitter profile and starting to fill them with content!

Each business has a unique audience, unique branding and unique needs. I will design a perfect social media marketing strategy for your particular business so you start with a solid foundation. Once you (or We) start implementing the tactics outlined in the strategy, you’ll start seeing immediate results. This way you’ll ensure that all of the efforts you’re going to spend are based on real research, not some assumptions!

In this package, I’ll give you a detailed report containing the perfect social media marketing strategy for your business. I’ll help you understand the strategy through weekly skype calls, and I’ll walk you through implementing every tactic mentioned in the strategy.

Also, if you want hands-free implementation of this strategy, then I will execute it step-by-step for you starting from setting up professional social profiles, implementing the posting strategy and managing your social profiles.

2- Ongoing Social Media Management

Social media managementIf you already have a social media marketing strategy in place and you need help managing your social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest…etc) more effectively so you can ensure maximum conversion for your business, then I will manage all of your social profiles so you don’t have to do it yourself or hire a full time employee to do it for you!

I know that social media marketing can take lots of your business’s valuable time, and you’d rather invest that time ON your business and not IN your business!

In this package, you’ll get all of your social profiles taken care of including: finding and posting quality engaging content, replying, commenting, thanking, deleting spam, addressing issues…etc

3- Social Media Marketing Coaching

Social Media CoachingI offer this package for 2 people: business owners and wannabe social media marketers.

If you need social media marketing coaching for you or your team, I’ll help you learn everything there is to learn about effective social media marketing through skype calls, Google hangouts and ongoing email support. This way you’ll ensure that your team is on the right track with marketing your business via social media. This training will be customized for your own business and not some generic coaching that doesn’t apply to your business!

Also, if you’re already a social media marketer or you want to be one, then I’ll coach you through the process of learning how to use and market on each social platform. I believe in self-education, and I personally spent lots of resources to learn social media marketing. In the end, you’re going to end up with solid skills that help you get through the ever-changing social media world.


This package includes consulting as well. If you need me to audit your existing social presence or need help learning any particular social platform or strategy, then this is the right package for you. Whether you’re looking to improve your Twitter marketing, Facebook marketing, PPC campaigns, conversions, lead generation, email marketing…etc, I’ll help you understand and implement the most effective strategies that are proven to bring results.

I Work With:

Startups, book authors, entrepreneurs, app developers, freelancers, agencies, coaches, bloggers, local businesses, and pretty much any small to medium sized business category you could think of. If you want more business from social media, I can help :)


LornaI’ve had the pleasure of working with Houssem for over 3 months and he has been without a doubt an asset to my business. Houssem is an expert in his field, who is efficient at delivering exactly what was required and he kept in close contact through each stage of development. He also provided a keen balance between creativity and commercial common sense in his strategies, which my business greatly benefited from. Houssem has been 100% reliable and this is a rarity in modern business. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Houssem to any business who wishes to succeed in this fast paced industry. Lorna Micklefield, Managing Director, Social Stars & UK Support Director at The Alchemy Network



I’ve really enjoyed working with Houssem. He’s an amazing Brain-iac when it comes to strategies and has a deep understanding of Social Media Marketing. Houssem has been invaluable at helping me move my own business forward. Kushla Chadwick



aleksandra-arsikHoussem is one of the most talented advisors on social media marketing. The coaching session and follow up sessions were extremely helpful, since I have learned a lot not only about social media marketing, but also about traffic generation, PPC, SEO, product offering and monetization. He has been of great assistance in the actual implementation of all tips given and remains open on all possible follow ups in the future. His friendly and understandable style of explaining makes the coaching both interesting and beneficial. Aleksandra




It was a pleasure to work with Houssem. He completed the work in a timely and effective matter. He was an expert in the field and able to offer guidance along the project. Will hire for future projects. Katt Stearns, certified social media director


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If you need proven to work social media marketing strategies, guaranteed to get results, I’m happy to work with you. You should know, however, that I can’t work with everybody. I’m only looking forward to work with those who understand the value of social media marketing and want to invest in their businesses to get results that matter.

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