How to ruin your social media efforts?

Ruin social media

I read a lot of articles these days that are all talking about what you can do to improve your social media marketing campaigns. Most of these articles are great and provide real value to the readers. However, my approach on this is a little bit different. If you know all the things involved in improving your social media marketing strategy, then it’s great, but the problem is that you might have something that you’re already doing without knowing that it’s hurting your brand. The solution to this is to know all the things that you should not do as well in order to make sure that you get maximum benefit from implementing social media in your overall marketing strategy. I’m sure that you’re definitely aware of the harm that a minor mistake can do to your brand as I always read how a simple wrong Tweet has made a buzz especially in the celebrity world. In order to make sure that you don’t fall into these traps, here are few things that you can do to ruin your social media effort (in order for you to avoid them):

1- Try to be someone else:

I know that a few years ago, this could literally make you a fortune, but in today’s conditions, people will spot it. I know that it’s sometimes hard to be yourself In front of your audience, but people who do, are the ones that are super successful. Also try to be as transparent and authentic as possible. If you do that, then you’ll make sure that people will follow you and listen to what you have to say. I know that most people have already developed immunity against conventional companies and cheesy marketers, so being yourself is your only way to making people gravitate towards you.

2- Not monitoring your brand:

While most companies have now realized how important social media is to their marketing, some others are still to this day resistant to the whole idea. Because people now trust people not companies, if you happen to have an unsatisfied customer that has 100.000 followers on Twitter, then you might get into trouble. Smart companies are the ones that monitor how their brand is being mentioned across the web and act upon those findings.

3- Not being persistent:

Implementing social media to your overall marketing strategy is definitely the first action you should take. However, being persistent at managing your social profiles is the second part of the equation. The worst thing you can do is starting to interact with your audience and then go offline for a few days. If that’s what you’re doing, then don’t expect people to treat you as you want to be treated. The key thing to making social media work for you is to constantly show up in your audience’s feeds so you won’t get replaced by your competition.

4- Reacting the wrong way:

Social media is all about acting and reacting. Many people are very good at acting, but when it comes to reacting, they ruin everything.  If you think for a while, then you’ll realize that even big corporations get negative feedback. I know that you can’t make everyone happy, but if you get a lot of negative feedback, then there are some things that definitely need to be changed. A bad reaction will do nothing but amplifying the first negative action that one of your customers or followers has taken, so don’t fall into that trap.

5- Not being social:

You know that it’s called “social media” for a reason right? It’s because the social element is the major player in it. If you can’t or don’t want to be social, then you’re missing the whole point of it. If you want to build a brand that is bullet proof, then you need to reply, comment, share, Retweet, mention, like, follow…etc. This way, you’ll make sure that you’re using the social media and not some type of conventional media that people don’t trust anymore.

6- Not having a website/blog:

Many people think that social media should be used for the sake of it. However, not having some central hub that you need to direct people to will make all of your social media efforts meaningless. While social profiles are used for many things, traffic and lead generation are probably the most important ones. So try to make your website or blog you central hub, and your social profiles as a way to facilitate, share and amplify your messages.

7- Talking to the wrong people:

The first step in marketing is probably market research. Before you can market to your audience, you need to specify what are the criteria that make a good customer first. If your audience isn’t interested in what you’re offering, you could literally spend a lifetime marketing to them without any results. Some people would say that understanding your audience is a very simple thing to do, but believe me when I say that it could be very challenging. If you have the right audience, your marketing efforts will be no more than getting the message in front of them, and they will take whatever action you want them to take.

I bet you that if you try to do something from the above, then you’ll get all of your social media efforts thrown in the garbage. While it’s always good to try new things, I definitely advise you to think twice before you proceed, because what you say can literally kill your chances of improving your brand’s picture.

So do you have other things that can ruin somebody’s social media efforts? Don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section below.

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