How To Grow Your Email List Using Facebook

Facebook worldAre you using Facebook to grow your email list?

If you’re not already, then you’re missing on one of the most powerful lead generation platforms.

Whether you’re a B2C or B2B business looking for more leads, Facebook is a great platform where you can find and convert targeted prospects who might be interested in what you’re offering.

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Why Would I Want To Build an Email List When I Already Have a Fanbase?

That’s a reasonable question!

Here are 3 reason:

Reason 1:

Because you never know!

What if you do something against Facebook’s TOS and they decide to shut down your page without any warning?

That happened before!

Nobody reads TOS these days, right?

Your Facebook page is not yours, but your email list is yours forever.

If you put all of your eggs (fans) in the same basket (Facebook), you’re putting your business at risk!

Reason 2:

Email is more personable and converts way better when it comes to selling than most online mediums. This has been proven hundreds of times!

Reason 3:

With Facebook, many businesses reach no more than 16% of the fans that they already spend a lot of time, effort and money to acquire!

Facebook makes it clear that it’s a “Pay To Play” game. If you don’t pay for their promoted/sponsored posts, then you’ll only reach about 16% of your hard earned fanbase, and that is if you’re doing a great job consistently engaging your fans with great content every day.

Although there are some benchmarks for email open rates as well, but they mostly depend on the industry, your brand’s reputation, the value you offer, how targeted and segmented is your email list…etc.

If you do a great job acquiring and nurturing quality leads, then you can get as much open rate and click through rate as the value you provide. Some businesses get half of their subscribers to open their emails. Other who do a “Not So Good” job, get lower open rates. I’ve been subscribed to some newsletters for years now, and I still open their emails every time. When it comes to email, you mostly hold the keys to reaching your audience, but with Facebook, they have to lower your reach so their platform remains relevant (at least that’s what they’re saying)!

Now that you know the importance of email marketing, here is how you build your email list using Facebook:

Step 1: You Need a Great Lead Magnet

What I mean by lead magnet is whatever offer you give for free in exchange for people’s emails!

Remember, for many people, email is their most precious online property, so make sure you offer something of high value that they can’t help but give you their emails.

Lead magnets can be anything from ebooks and free reports to webinars and video series. You should use whatever medium you find most suitable for your audience. You should do some research and ask your existing audience of what format they like to consume information. If they tell you that their only free time in the day is when they’re driving or when they’re working out at the gym, it’ll make it clear for you to create a free audio podcast for them as a lead magnet.

The second criterion of any successful lead magnet is the type of content you want to provide. Should it be long, short, instructional, how to, resource…etc?

I found that there is no exact rule to this. There are some super short free lead magnets (5-10 minutes) that convert way better than video series of hours worth of content.

You should know that people are busy these day, and who is better to know your audience than you. Short, quick and to the point videos or ebooks can convert really well. Also, if you see that the subject of your lead magnet requires going into more details (like if you’re doing a step by step instructional material), then there is nothing wrong in creating lengthy content.

I’ve seen 250 pages long free ebooks that convert like hot cakes :)

Besides the format and the type of your lead magnet, the most important thing is definitely the subject of your free material.

There is only one criterion to determine the success of your lead magnet. How many people will benefit from the solution you’re providing!

If there is a question you’re getting constantly from your audience, that question should turn into a lead magnet!

There is a famous quote I first heard from Heidi Decoux. She once told me:

Sell people what they want, and then give them what they need!

This quote has really changed the way I do business!

At first I thought that I should give people what they really need, but then I realized that most people don’t really know what they need. Let me give you an example!

People are constantly asking me how to get more traffic from social media.

I know that their main problem isn’t more traffic or anything. They need to have a concrete strategy that serves specific buyer personas and aligns with their business objectives!

When I tell them that, I sense them thinking. What the hell is this guy talking about! He didn’t even reply to my question!

On the other hand, if I told them that I’m going to show them how they can get tons of traffic and then showed them what they need fixed first in their strategy so they can get all the traffic they need, then they’ll optin!

The difference is that in the first example I gave them what they need directly. They probably don’t even know what they need since their specialty isn’t social media marketing. In the second example, I offered them what they want, and then gave them what they need to achieve their goals.

This doesn’t only apply to paid products, but also to your lead magnet. You should offer them what they exactly asked you, and then when they receive your free gift, try to educate them on why it’s important to do whatever they need to do to achieve what they want.

Step2: You Need a High Converting Landing Page

Unfortunately you can’t really know what copy of your landing page converts better unless you do some split testing. If you have the budget, you can hire an expert copywriter to help you design the perfect wording for your landing page.

There are hundreds of tools that you can use to design high converting landing pages on your own Facebook page as a separate tab. Some of them are: ShortStack, TabSite, WooBox…etc.

You should start with your best guess when designing your landing page. An attention grabbing headline is a must to keep your visitors interested in what you’re going to offer them for free. There has also been many studies that show that video converts better than text. You can put a short video (whether a video of you talking or a PowerPoint presentation) that explains the benefit of your free gift.

My advice to you concerning landing pages is that you should treat your lead magnet as if it were your paid product. When you do it that way, people will start thinking that if you spent so much effort into making a professional landing page with a high quality video, then the free gift must be really valuable.

Step3: You Need to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

The last step of course is to drive traffic to that landing page!

There are many ways to drive traffic to your landing pages both paid and free.

The best paid methods to driving traffic from Facebook to your landing page are:

– Running an Ad Campaign

This is probably the easiest and fastest way to start directing traffic to your landing page. The conversion of that traffic depends on how well you do the targeting on your ads. Facebook’s ad dashboard has literally everything you need to narrow down the traffic to only people you know are interested in that lead magnet. If you want to make sure you optimize your ad campaign so you reduce your cost and increase your click through rate, check out this post which I wrote a while back.

– Using Promoted Posts

If you already have an existing fanbase on Facebook, you can use the promoted posts feature to reach more of your audience. You now know that you only reach 16% of your fanbase. When you promote your posts, you have the option to reach more people on your fanbase as well as their friends.

For the free methods, you should promote your landing page as frequently as possible on your Facebook page. You can also start using contests and sweepstakes to reach a wider audience. Using contests is a great way to build your fanbase as well as your email list. However, they require smart and creative planning if you really want to get big numbers.

There are of course other ways to drive traffic to those landing page, but they don’t include Facebook. You can either use whatever other platform you’re using (Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog…etc) to promote that landing page. You can also guest post on other popular blogs in your industry and drive their traffic directly to your landing page. This way you make sure that some of that traffic will convert into email subscribers that you can convert after to paying customers.

That being said, have you used Facebook to get more leads before? I would love to hear about your experience. Let me know in the comment section below!

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  • Terrence Blair

    Interesting post. Marketers should drive prospect from social sites to their websites. Your website is yours. Your e-mail is yours. FB page isn’t actually yours. We use it at Facebook pleasure. As you’ve said, Facebook can shut down your Fan page.

    • HoussemD

      Can’t agree more Terrence. This isn’t even putting all of your eggs in the same basket. It’s putting them in somebody else’s basket :)

      Thanks for stopping by!