How to Budget For Social Media Marketing

How to budget for social media marketing

So you finally decided to budget for social media marketing, but you don’t know how to make the best use of your dollars? Budgeting is no fun for most small business owners and the reason why is because there are lots of variables to account for in addition of course to the limited resources small… [Continue Reading]

5 New Studies That Will Have a Major Impact On Your Business. Study #3 Is Shameful!

Channel role in customer journey

With too much hype surrounding the digital marketing space, relying on data from reputable sources can save you lots of dollars. As we all know, SMEs can’t afford to base their business and marketing operations on assumptions, because one false assumption can mean the difference between thriving OR drowning! However, collecting data alone isn’t the… [Continue Reading]

How to Create And Run a Profitable Social Media Marketing Program

Social media marketing program

Social media is one of the fastest industries you can ever get into. Since it heavily relies on new technologies to reach and communicate with people, the playground changes every day, heck, every minute! Running an up-to-date social media marketing program is no easy task. In order for you to do that, you need to… [Continue Reading]

Is Your Website Not Converting? Here Are 5 Things to Do!

Website conversion optimization

For many small business owners, traffic is the only thing they need to get a constant flow of customers. However, when they do acquire that traffic, they realize that there is a much more bigger problem which is converting that traffic into paying customers! While there are many factors that make a successful business, the… [Continue Reading]