The Audit and evaluation package

Audit and evaluation ($297)

I will check your online presence in order to make an evaluation of your strength as well as weakness points. I will guide you throughout the whole process to skyrocketing your social media marketing strategy and help you achieve more visibility and exposure. The Audit and evaluation package includes:

1- Social market research: this includes all the details related to your brand, your target market, your competitors and the voice you should be using to make your target customers interact with your business.

2- Boost your brand visibility: I will guide you through putting your brand name in front of every potential customer.

3- Speak with one voice: you get to make all of your social media profiles speak with one voice so you don’t ruin your brand.

4- Targeting the right market: I’ve helped many businesses change their strategy so they reach more targeted customers.

5- What’s missing: I will tell you what’s missing across all your social media profiles as well as with all of your social media campaign.

6- Managing and measuring your success: I will show you exactly how you can manage your social media profiles more effectively and measure your success across all the platforms.

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