3 tips to get your hands on social media traffic

social media trafficI can’t get any social media traffic, any help?

This is the question that I see most when I’m reading blogs and forums. People are finding it very hard to get referral social media traffic from various social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The reason for this is that the traffic getting approach when it comes to these platforms is a little different from other conventional traffic sources.

Different brands use social media in different forms. However, what most of them seek, especially small businesses is getting referral traffic back to their main hubs (usually websites or blogs). If you add the right conversion strategies, then there you have the most effective mix to building a rock solid business.

There are many traffic sources that business owners seek today. However, the most important ones that most of these people are focusing on are social media and search engine traffic. The latter has been there since the appearance of search engines and it requires complex (at least for me) techniques to rank your webpages in the first spots of search engine listings.

Like search engine optimization (SEO), social media traffic requires some optimization as well in order to get it. However, this optimization isn’t actually much focused on platforms (like the way with search engines), it’s actually focused on people you interact with across the social platforms that you’re using.

Many traffic generation gurus who have been doing SEO are finding it hard to get social media traffic. The reason for this is that social media marketing isn’t actually about using automated software to get the traffic you want. With SEO, many search engine marketers are using all kinds of automated software (blog networks, blog commentors, forum profile creators, social bookmarking submitters, article distribution software…etc) to rank their pages in the first spots of Google, and they are getting away with it (at least for now)!

If you want to start getting social media traffic, then I can tell you that there is only one way no matter what other marketers try to tell you. It’s only by providing value and genuinely interacting with people, that you can build a responsive following which you can drive to your website any time you have an interesting thing to say. That being said, here are 3 tips to help you get your hands on referral social media traffic:

1- Be patient:

Like any free traffic generation strategy, social media traffic takes some time to get. Unless you have other traffic sources that you can leverage, you won’t be able to get significant amounts of traffic in your very first days from using social platforms.

I know that many people want instant results from social media, but believe me when I say that this will not happen. I like to compare social media marketing to email marketing for one reason. With email, you are actually building a targeted audience that you get contact any time you want them to take a desired action (many of the times it will be reading your content). With social media it’s the same thing. You start acquiring targeted fans/followers, and once you have fair amounts of them (although it’s not really a numbers game), you’ll start seeing that referral traffic if you know what to post, how to post it and when.

2- Invoke curiosity and grab attention:

You don’t actually have to be a psychologist to know how to grab people’s attention. Most of the times I hear people say that they are putting too much effort into writing high quality posts, but they eventually quit because they have found out that nobody is reading them.

It doesn’t really matter if you have written the most comprehensive post on the web about a specific subject (although it matters much to you) if nobody reads it. Creating great content is time consuming and unless you drive people to read it, you’ll be only be wasting your valuable time.

The key to getting people to click that link and visit your website to find out more is by crafting good headlines. Writing curiosity invoking headlines is an art itself, but you really need to learn some of it if you want your content to be read and spread. Here is a great post by Brian Clark on how to write great Twitter headlines. Once you learn the basics of writing tweets and status updates that get read and clicked, you’ll never have to worry about traffic again.

3- You don’t have to reinvent the wheel:

Traffic generation is so hard these days that people think that they need to invent something to get their hands on it. It’s true that it takes time, and sometimes a lot of it, but it will not go beyond some very basic principles that have been there since the beginning of time.

One of these basics that you can base your testing upon is to do what has been proven to perform well with other people in a similar market. You can check your competitor’s social profiles and see which posts has resulted in the most shares, likes…etc. Once you have some data to compile, you’ll instantly figure out what people like to read and what content they either find helpful or amusing. The only thing you need to do now is replicating the same tactics for your audience and track how well they’ve done.

It’s not necessarily that you’ll get identical results to what they’re getting (unless you have the same audience, status…etc), but at least you’ll start to form an idea of what people in your market may enjoy so you could provide them with it.Remember, social media marketing is all about people, if you figure out their problems and try to solve it and provide them with the solution, then traffic won’t actually be an obstacle.

So do you find a difficulty getting social media traffic? Tell us in the comment section below.

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