3 Tips to Effortless Social Media Marketing

Effortless social media marketingSo there you are, working really hard on this social media thing, but unfortunately, no luck!

This is the frustration that most people have to deal with in the social media marketing world. You work so hard (or at least you think you are), you apply every tip, technique you stumble on. You follow every helpful advice you find, and when you think you’ve figured it out, you realize that you’ve only been wasting your valuable time, effort and money.

This is the scenario that most social media marketers/business owners end up having. At this point, there will be only 2 choices. Give up on this whole social media thing, or continue wasting your time and effort on things that will never work!

I’m telling you that no matter how hard and smart you try, it won’t really work for you. You know why? Because you simply lack the solid foundation!

A few days ago I heard a great story from one of the social media marketers I follow. I can’t really remember who they were (sorry too overwhelmed!), but I just hope that I tell the story right.

There is this company that makes dog food. It was the leading one in the industry before new ones have come to the same market and established their share in this very competitive market.

The owner of the company was really surprised because he didn’t expect to lose market share for these new companies, so he gathered all his marketing team for a meeting.

He kept brainstorming with his team hoping to find some creative new ways to market their product and increase their dominance.

After a while from hitting wind with a stick, a guy raised his hand. When the company owner asked him to talk, the guy replied “none of the marketing that we’ll be doing will work!”.

The company’s owner looked in amazement and asked the guy to explain furthermore. You know what this guy said?

“It’s simply because dogs don’t like our food”

This story leads us to the number one thing that if missing, no matter how hard and smart you try, you’ll simply FAIL! This thing is:

1- Having a quality product/service that people need

I deal with many clients as a social media manager who try to market their so-called products that almost none of their audience really need. A while ago I was listening to an interview done by Dany Inny from Firepole Marketing with Copyblogger’s Brian Clark. Brian has talked about a very interesting concept that immediately caught my attention!

He said that starting with an audience is the safest way to make a product that sells. You could have a great idea, you put it there, market it to finally realize that no one needs it.

The key is to build an audience first, and then make a product that you know they will purchase for sure (based on their concerns, frustrations, feedback, likes, dislikes…etc).

No matter how much marketing budget you spend and ninja marketing team you have, if your product is CRAP, then you’ll eventually fail!

The lesson here is to never bother do any sort of marketing if you don’t already have a good product or service that your audience really NEED. I know many people who have spent years building a responsive audience before they made their first product, and some of them didn’t even release any products yet despite many of their followers begging them to do so.

These guys are trying to understand their audience, and once they do, their products will spread like wildfire and sell like crazy!

If you’re a service provider, the same thing applies to you. You need to have quality services that you know your clients need first. When you do, all of your social media marketing will be effortless, you know why? Because the only marketing that you’ll be doing is to let your audience know that you have a service or product, and they will flood your email with orders!

2- Organization

As you already know, social media is a fast paced game that gets updates literally every second. With all the platforms and tools required by social media marketing, it has become really hard to keep up with the updates, yet implement all the strategies that you have in mind.

From my own humble experience, I think that organization is the key to successful social media marketing. I dedicate a specific time of the day to write my posts, share my content, interact with other people in the industry, reply to emails…etc.

If you don’t organize, then you’ll get lost for sure!

Set a time for fueling up with great content from industry leaders (or competitors), a time for posting to Facebook and twitter. A time for implementing the tips you’ve learned. A time to working with clients…etc.

If you organize your time, then you’ll realize that you’ve become much more productive, and this means spending much less effort (doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to work less). What I mean is that with great organization, you don’t have to put too much effort in your social media marketing because everything is set up and already in place!

3- Embracing the social aspect:

This might seem obvious to you, but I still see many people who don’t have a clue!

Social media platforms aren’t the place to put your sales page in. They were initially meant for social communication. If you’re one of the old marketers (and I’m not talking about age here), then none of your social media marketing efforts will make sense.

If you want your social media marketing to be effortless, then you need to use the various social platforms as they were designed for. They are not sales pages, they are not the place where you annoy your audience will sales pitches every day. They were simply made to facilitate the communication between people/people or people/brands.

So try to embrace the social aspect, communicate, interact, share, retweet, reply, thank…etc, and you’ll realize that your marketing has become effortless!

Action steps

1- Try to work on your products and services first. Make sure that you have the best quality product that your brain cells can produce. If you’re offering services (like social media management, SEO or copywriting), make sure you first have a solid understanding and implementation to these services before you start marketing them.

2- Organize your social media marketing. Set a time for tweeting, blogging, posting to Facebook. Commenting on other blogs…etc

3- Go thank someone for mentioning you on Twitter, reply to comments on Facebook, reward some of your best fans and followers (few honest words will do the job), help people as much as you can…etc.

If you do these, then I will assure you that your social media marketing will surely be effortless! Good luck.

Image Credit:  ben_osteen

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